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Membership Criteria

> Member firms shall have the required qualification and licences (if required) to undertake professional
   work in their respective areas.

> Member firms shall be committed by having relevant staff and facilities to provide high quality and
   efficient services to clients and other member firms.

> Member firms shall have adequate professional indemnity insurance.

> Member firms must demonstrate that they have passed the pre-admission quality screening review


Benefits of Membership in The network

> Share and obtain knowledge and professional advice from all other member firms in The Network.

> Expand the service Network while maintaining and enhancing goodwill of existing clients by referral
   of national or international nature.

> Use of venue and facilities of other CAS International Member firms when visiting their office or location.

> Regular exchange of technical and relevant information.

> Distribution of relevant technical knowledge on national or international issues in the areas of
   accountancy, audit and assurance, taxation and advisory.

> Professional Staff Exchange among CAS International Member firms for wider exposure of working
   experience in different environment and countries.

> Be part of a growth-orientated national and international Network.

> Practice expansion through client referral.

> Share marketing materials and information.

> Participate in The Network's Quality Assurance Programs.

> Small and medium firms can join together and emulate larger firms by establishing their own Network.

> Increase client base through Network referrals and strategic alliances using a common marketing and
   branding platform.

> Provides opportunities for the Members to discuss issues of strategic importance during CAS
   International annual regular events and conference.

> Enhance Member firms' profile with the objective to attract more quality clients and staff through
   coordinated marketing program.

> Expand or diversify existing services and intellectual capacities to face the increasingly competitive

> Commitment from all Member firms to support each other's business growth requirements. 


Procedure of Membership Application

The geographical area is closely defined.  This could involve state, province or country.

> A potential new member firm may be identified through several ways. These include personal
   recommendation from current CAS International Member Firms and advertisements in professional

> The prospective member firm's profile will be reviewed and the firm's acceptability will be confirmed
   using a checklist which will expressly state out certain acceptable policies and procedures within
   CAS International.

> Pre-membership review will be carried out to ensure initial compliance with CAS International
   Pre-admission Quality criteria.

> Full profile will be reviewed and acceptability shall be confirmed by the Council. Download the
   forms by clicking the link below:



The cost of coordinating CAS International is funded by the member Firms. Cost recovery is budget driven, non-profit based. Any shortfall shall be financed by Member Firms based on a formula to be approved by the Council.

The Member Firms shall pay admission and subscription fees to CAS International as agreed by the council.