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Chairman Statement


Greetings to our Business Associates and Friends! I am pleased to announce some positive developments happening in the second half of 2010 at CAS International.


The World Congress of Accountants or WCOA 2010 will be held in Malaysia from 8 - 11 November 2010 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. To our colleagues who will be attending as delegates, I wish you a productive and enjoyable congress. 


CAS International has taken a bold step to showcase the organization at this prestigious event by managing an exhibition booth there. This is one of our major initiatives, stemming from the support of our Member Firms and business associates, to establish a presence among the larger accounting players and create market awareness about CAS International. I am looking forward to welcoming you at the CAS International booth.


Closer to home, we have unveiled our new vision statement on 1 September 2010 : To be Globally-Recognised Accountants and Business Advisors committed to providing Excellent Client Services. The new vision reflects our commitment to clients and business partners and we hope CAS International will be recognised for such service standards.


CAS International has expanded since inception in June 2007 from four firms within Malaysia to seventeen Member Firms and Representative Offices globally, to-date. Our wings have spread from our immediate neighbours to other countries in Asia, including China, as well as the United Kingdom. The encouraging growth since 2007 bears testimony to the benefits and advantages enjoyed by Member Firms and Representative Offices from being a part of the CAS International family. We proudly maintain consistent high standards of operations worldwide via regular technical meetings and collaborative functions and I am glad to envisage this co-operative spirit continuing amongst Member Firms in the future. Let us work towards making the members of CAS International acknowledged by their global peers for client service excellence.


Moving forward, there will be a stronger emphasis on the development of human capital, as embedded in the mission of CAS International. It is essential for our people to be technically-competent and updated on the latest international accounting and financial standards in their role as strategic business advisors if the CAS brand is to remain current, relevant and competitive, both locally and globally. We anticipate that emerging enterprises will be the new clientele in the coming years and we will focus on providing high-quality services to this segment whilst working to increase our share of public listed and non-listed clients.


Knowledge alone does not create an all-rounded service provider. It is my view that knowledge must be balanced with 'people values': integrity, professionalism, and corporate social responsibility, to guide our people in their decision-making and service delivery process. We can truly say that a CAS International professional is poised to serve our clients with heart and mind when we are able to complement these values with professional expertise and knowledge.


I would like to close by thanking the partners of our Member Firms and Representative Offices, the various committees within CAS International and our business associates and friends for their encouragement and valuable contributions to the organization. We credit our growth over the past three years largely to your support. CAS International's participation at WCOA 2010 via the exhibition platform is in no small way a reflection of the confidence and trust that these parties have placed in us. We look forward to many more years of close working relationship with these parties.


May WCOA 2010 bring welcome opportunities to its participants and CAS International. Thank you.


Mr Chang Kong Foo
CAS International
November 2010