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Business Advisory Consulting

Business Advisory Consulting

Constant legislative changes, consolidations of businesses, stiffer competitions in the marketplace and pressure to improve values for shareholders, can have a significant impact on an entity’s continuing relevance in the marketplace. And it is within this volatile environment that we believe we have put ourselves in a place of maximum potential to service our clients, especially those from the small and medium industries (SMIs).

Business Plans Development

From applications for funding to the submissions for initial public offerings on the MESDAQ Market, Second or Main Board on the Bursa Securities Berhad, a comprehensive business plan is a must. It is always difficult for management to put onto paper their conceptualized ideas. Our experts within CAS International have extensive experience in helping management of SMIs to draw up integrated business plans that can show investment and cash flow positions on a realistic basis. This will enable the user of such reports to decide on the merits of funding as well as the potential for growth of the business at hand. A good business plan is the blueprint for an SMI to chart its growth from strength to strength.

Licence Application

Application of business licences with various authorities is an important process of a business cycle. We are able to provide such services due to our firm understanding and hands on approach in the management of SMIs based on CAS’s previous experiences in nurturing SMIs for flotation. This allows us to understand the licensing requirements of diverse SMIs in Malaysia.


We offer independent financial review services for today’s demanding business management that will serve as a firm basis for decision making and in specific circumstances, to assist management to establish practical recovery options and plans.Malaysia is set to offer one of the best climates for SMIs through the provision of various incentives via multiple co-coordinating agencies in the country. Hence, it is our professional commitment to work together with our clients in the applications of government grants and incentives. We are totally committed to this process since we believe that this is in line with the government’s aspiration to help SMIs through this avenue. Again, our impeccable business knowledge will put us in the best position to assist our clients. In today’s increasingly harsh economic landscape, staying competitive is a constant challenge for every corporation. And the road to success is littered with companies that falter along the way. CAS International is well equipped to advise clients in setting strategic business directions to ride through the turbulent period ahead.


One of the corporate buzzwords of today is business re-engineering. It compels managers to look at their business operations to ensure that the operations contribute towards achieving the company’s broader strategy. In the event that it doesn’t, a restructuring process is usually undertaken. In other cases, corporate restructuring is also undertaken to “unlock” value in assets of significance. Through CAS International a comprehensive service of this nature is available that blends our management’s broad commercial exposure with an acute understanding of the present tax regime, an area that is normally neglected during the restructuring process.

Business Valuation and Investment Appraisals

Valuation of business is the core in any acquisition or merger initiatives. We provide expert services for vendors and acquirers in these complex exercises.


Other advisory services offered by CAS International include:


> Lenders Liaison Support

> Financial Forecasting

> Equity Capital Financing

> Strategic Partnerships

> Mergers and Acquisitions

> Share Valuation

> Share Buy-back

> Management Buy-out

> Cost Reduction Planning

> Reverse Takeover

> Share Placements

> Applications to Authorities > Venture Capital

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