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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Two significant areas being offered are as follows: 

Risk Management

We are in the business of helping our clients to manage their risks as well as identify areas for possible operational improvement. Through our immaculate understanding of our clients’ businesses, we can help to position our clients’ businesses to tap into opportunities as they arise through the business cycle. We believe this will bring about improvement in our clients’ efficiencies and profitability.

Our objective is to add maximum sustainable value to all the activities of the organisation. We marshal the understanding of the potential upside and downside of all those factors which can affect the organisation. We increase the probability of success, and reduce both the probability of failure and the uncertainty of achieving the organisation’s overall objectives.

We integrated into the culture of the organisation with an effective policy and a programme led by the competent senior management. We translate the strategy into tactical and operational objectives, assigning responsibility throughout the organisation with each manager and employee responsible for the management of risk as part of their job description. It supports accountability, performance measurement and reward, thus promoting operational efficiency at all levels.

Internal Audit

We cater to the needs of the clients who wish to out-source their internal audit function. Our team’s experience in this division is invariably strengthened through their exposure to various industries among our clients as well as their commitment to details.

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